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Small Business Websites

 A few examples of the small business sites that we have developed

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Forgiven Web Solutions specializes in small business websites. We understand the unique needs of a small business and the limited opportunity they have for success. Often small businesses resort to word of mouth and per-built websites for advertising and business traffic. Let Forgiven explain the difference a professional logo, website and marketing campaign can provide. In Nashua, NH there are over 20 companies that list local businesses and sort them by type of service offered. Whether a customer is looking for your individual business or a business that offers your services, having a prominent and correct online presence is vital. We can offer you a complete package or individual services depending on your needs. It’s important not only to have a strong presence on the internet but a memorable one as well. Here are some examples of design elements that help create a successful small business website.

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Non-Profit Websites

A few examples of the non-profit websites that we have developed

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Non-profit organizations above all need an informative clean and easy to navigate website, while often needing to display many different types of media on their websites. The problem that many Non-profit websites run into is with so much information and different types of media the organization of the website becomes disjointed and hard to navigate. From posting forms and videos, to pictures and text, the solution to the problem is much simpler and inexpensive than most people think. Let Forgiven Web Solutions help you pick the right CMS (Content Management System) for your non-profit group. We can help you organize you current website to maximize exposure, to ensure your message is not lost. Forgiven will work closely with you or in many cases independently to take some of the time burden off your hands so that you can focus on running your organization. We offer packages that include total data/media entry and updating of your site, or we can show you how to manage your site and offer tech support and backups. Here are some examples of design elements that help create a successful non-profit website.

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