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What do the logos picture above have in common?

Several things. One, they are 5 out of 9 of the world’s highest-valued companies’ logos. Two, they are 5 of the top 25 most recognizable logos world wide. Three, the logos above are all simple, crisp and clean and have only needed minor updates to stay current and modern. All of these logos are easily recognizable today, and do as much if not more to sell their products than the advertising campaigns they appear in.

Is your church or company looking to leave your mark on the world? Forgiven IT Solutions uses cutting edge technology mixed with time tested logo development fundamentals to ensure your message is remembered.

Branding your company or church is the single most important step a group can take to ensure people will remember and associate with their company or church. Logo development is the initial step in branding your company or church. Schedule a free consultation with one of our professional designers to establish your needs and goals so your logo will be memorable, transferable between mediums, and stand the test of time.

Remember what looks good on a website might not look good in print, and what looks good at 5 feet tall might not be recognizable at 5 inches tall.

Before Forgiven they had multiple outdated logos, after Forgiven...

old logo                    pepperell logo

Forgiven IT Solutions creates all logos in both vector and raster form so that logos are transferable between mediums such as websites, billboards, letterheads, t-shirts and anything else you can image putting you logo on. Being able to edit without changing the overall look of a logo is crucial. Take for example the logo for Pepperell Christian Academy:

  1. They have multiple logos with different design elements
  2. The logo cannot be re-sized because it is raster based
  3. The PCA becomes hard to read as the logo shrinks
  4. The logo is in need of updating

school logo design                pca logo large                 pcabw


With an update and consolidation of designs, along with unlimited color and size variations available, this new school logo will be around for Homecomings for years to come.

Contact Forgiven Graphics Solutions to begin the process of branding your company or church today.

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