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Computer Repair

Our knowledgeable and professional staff will assist you with all your church, business, or personal computer related needs. Our staff understand Christian and fair business practices, they will show up on time, deliver services on time and at a fair price.

Web Development

Church websites and small business websites are known for two things-- Cookie cutter sites that look like everyone else and old, outdated or underdeveloped graphics and information. Contact us today to have your website stand out and get noticed with the ability to easily update as often as you would like.

Mobile Ready Site

Sites that are optimized for your audience. Let Forgiven design a site that fits not only your audience, but the devices they use to view your content.

Web Design

Forgiven IT Solutions

Solutions for a Christian Marketplace & Beyond

In order to have the optimum experience and success in our digital age there are certain truths that we must understand. One, the technology being used must be up to date and running at a high standard. The newest, most expensive computer is not the answer, fitting technology to our needs and keeping it running smoothly is the answer. Two, websites can not only attract people to our churches or businesses, but they can be the most important and simplest way to provide information to current and new viewers. In order for this to be accomplished we must have an attractive yet simple to navigate website that is unique. Third, professional graphics and color schemes are very important to presentation and readability. The days of secretaries putting a newsletter or flyer together with Microsoft Word need to come to an end. For the best results leave the work to people who specialize in it, we do not want a doctor to fix our car, why would we want our secretary to do our artwork.
Our web design consultants will listen to needs. We will look at your current web presence, analyze your existing website for it’s strengths and weaknesses, then come up with a plan to increase your online visibility. Our web designers have more than 15 years experience in graphic design, internet marketing, and technical support. We will create a cost effective plan to increase traffic to your current website or create a completely new website marketing solution. We listen, we understand, and we will create a solution that works for you.
  • Company branding / logo development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Local market analysis
  • Strengthen or establish social media presence
The internet and markets are constantly changing. We offer low cost monthly solutions to keep your website up to date and current with market trends. Call Forgiven IT to explore all the options available to you and your business.

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